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Chrysalis was founded nearly
three decades ago with the purpose of making a difference to people and the work they do in organisations. That remains our objective even today.

When it started out, Chrysalis focused on high impact corporate training, and we were the frontrunner in training innovation in India. We were quick to realise that training, however powerful, had its limitations.

A competitive advantage through learning and development.

Sustainable change in people did not occur after a few days of classroom training. To bring about a measurable change in competency and capability, we had to naturally evolve into performance consulting. In the last 3 decades, we have worked with giants in the industry to create a competitive advantage through learning and development.

We have spent a long time doing what we have been doing.

This has helped us create cutting edge concepts and techniques at each point of the learning and development cycle. Today, we possess deep insights, rooted in the reality we have worked in. This, melded with the best practices that we have been a part of, across organisations and industries, helps us bring the best to our clients.

At Chrysalis, we believe that learning is not an event, it is a journey.

We strive to ensure that the process is structured and derives maximum value for the participant, the sponsor, the organisation and the facilitator. We seamlessly use technology and the human element – since we believe that both are critical to high impact learning.

Each one of our solutions is bespoke.

What our clients receive is created specifically for them. It speaks their language and reflects their organisational culture and ethos. It draws from their real-life challenges and processes. This makes the entire learning experience immediately relevant and applicable to work.

“Our learning analytics captures learning effectiveness.”

The measurement of success is showcased in how much the participants have learnt and are applying at their workplace to achieve business results. The accountability for success lies with the participant, the sponsor and the facilitator. Through our measurements, we help organisations understand gaps in competency and corporate capability and help them in decision making in the areas of budget allocation, “critical to business" competencies and learning focus to drive business results.

Chrysalis believes in building and nurturing enduring relationships

While we have strong processes that are not people dependant, Chrysalis believes in building and nurturing enduring relationships with all its stakeholders, enabling high levels of shared intelligence within our organisation. This leads to consistency and stability for those who use our services. This brings an environment of collaborative ownership and high passion to our clients.




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