Corporate Result-Based Learning Solutions By Industry | Chrysalis

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Our Span

Chrysalis has driven Results Based LearningTM within many major industries. Our learning solutions stay close to the reality of these industries by ensuring operational relevance, immediate applicability and high impact.

Banking, Finance and Insurance

Chrysalis has been working with organisations in the Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry ever since our inception 27 years ago. We have been a part of the transformative journey that the industry has gone through in the last two decades. During this time, we have worked across functions and have deep-dived across many levels. This has given us a multi-faceted understanding of how these organisations work, the challenges they face, and the trigger points that can bring about change. Over the years, we have worked with tens of thousands of people and have driven Results Based Learning™.

Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare

Our work in the Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare industry has been in the area of Performance Enhancement. We have worked with industry leaders to drive a measurable impact in their “critical-to-business” areas. Our work in this industry has been even more bespoke since we have addressed unique business challenges for many of our clients. Working in close partnership with them, we have readied teams to take a new product to market. We have them enabled them to increase sales in competitive markets. Our interventions have helped leadership teams to collaborate and communicate for business success.

Manufacturing and Infrastructure

Our Leadership Practice has worked within some of the largest manufacturing and infrastructure companies building sustainable leadership pipelines and leadership capability to enable leaders to work in global playing field. Performance Enhancement Practice has worked to help large groups of people change their traditional ways of working to deliver to new benchmarks of business results.

Government and International Bodies

Chrysalis has worked on key change initiatives within this sector. Our innate responsibility of wanting to make a difference to the society we live in, made us take on challenging projects that helped us create a shift in the mindset of people. Our Professional Development Practice has worked with people to make for better citizen serving groups.

Consulting and Services

The challenges of the Services industry are unique, in that, quality of people is the differentiator. Driving consistency within this industry requires focused capability building. Chrysalis has been closely associated with some of the biggest names in Consulting. We worked with Professional Service firms over a number of years to change the talent landscape not just within the firm but across the industry. Being a part of this industry ourselves, we have been able to drive benchmarking standards in Professional and Leadership Development

Technology and Technology-enabled Businesses

Back in 1995, when Chrysalis started its operations, our first client was one of India’s largest technology organisations. From working in a “Y2K problem” environment to enabling capability in organisations that are building for the future, Chrysalis has been a partner in the progress of this industry. In 1998, with the advent of Business Process Outsourcing in India, Chrysalis became the pioneer in strategizing, executing the learning architecture, and building capability of this entirely new industry. Through our innovative learning practices, we were an integral part of the paradigm shift that went into creating an entirely new industry. We continue to work within this industry, driving Results Based Learning™ in the face of ever-challenging business environments.