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Joining Our Team

Being at Chrysalis is like being part of a high performing, high collaboration think-tank. On our part, we look beyond your expertise, to find if you are aligned to our values and whether you are truly 'Chrysalisized'.



We will do what we love and love what we do.


The sum of our whole will be greater than the sum of our parts.


We will do what is right, each time, every time.


We will not lose our sense of humour.


Our actions will be relied upon with certainty.

What does being ‘Chrysalisized’ mean? It means you…


Are passionate about learning and development and are committed to a career in it.


Are self disciplined and organised, optimizing your time and resources to achieve your dreams.


Are resilient and display “stickability” irrespective of the adversities that you may face.


Are a self starter who takes initiative to contribute to the organisation in areas beyond your role.


Able to work diligently on multiple things at the same time in a high tech, high touch environment.


Are passionate about the service you give and ensure that you are always delivering excellence, even in the smallest details.


Able to put the team ahead of yourself, are apolitical and set the bar high in professional conduct and ethics.


Are able to respect people without bias or prejudice and display honesty and integrity in all interactions, contributing to high trust environments.


Have strong relationships that have been nurtured and built over time.


Are multi-faceted and pursue passions beyond work.

Are we right for each other?

If you feel a resonance in what you read and what you want in your career, you must apply to us.

Once you have applied to us and your skills sets matches our immediate requirement, we will start the interviewing process. The interviewing process at Chrysalis is a multilayered one. The reason for this is because we want you to be the right fit for us and we want to be the right fit for you, aligning to the same value system. We have come to realize that the foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship is in making the right decision and then sticking with that decision. We therefore take our time to identify the right people who we believe will thrive in Chrysalis.

Once we agree to work together, we meet up with the important people in your life and invite them to grill us about our working style and beliefs – for Chrysalis believes in work life balance and that professional success needs support from people in our personal lives.