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Joining Our Team

Being at Chrysalis is like being part of a high performing, high collaboration think-tank. On our part, we look beyond your expertise, to find if you are aligned to our values and whether you are truly 'Chrysalisized'.



We will do what we love and love what we do.


The sum of our whole will be greater than the sum of our parts.


We will do what is right, each time, every time.


We will not lose our sense of humour.


Our actions will be relied upon with certainty.

What does being ‘Chrysalisized’ mean? It means you…


Are passionate about learning and development and are committed to a career in it.


Are self disciplined and organised, optimizing your time and resources to achieve your dreams.


Are resilient and display “stickability” irrespective of the adversities that you may face.


Are a self starter who takes initiative to contribute to the organisation in areas beyond your role.


Able to work diligently on multiple things at the same time in a high tech, high touch environment.


Are passionate about the service you give and ensure that you are always delivering excellence, even in the smallest details.


Able to put the team ahead of yourself, are apolitical and set the bar high in professional conduct and ethics.


Are able to respect people without bias or prejudice and display honesty and integrity in all interactions, contributing to high trust environments.


Have strong relationships that have been nurtured and built over time.


Are multi-faceted and pursue passions beyond work.

Team Members' Talk

Happy Employee Picture

My journey with Chrysalis HRD has been remarkable. The organization’s employee-centric culture, dedication to growth, and unwavering commitment to quality are truly exceptional. I’m grateful for the opportunity to thrive here.

Pradeep Rana

Resource Manager
Happy Employee Picture

Joining Chrysalis is like a dream come true. I never expected such kindness and support in a workplace. As a researcher, the transition was smooth, with guidance and room for creativity. I’m my happiest self here!

Aditi Patwardhan

Senior Research Executive
Happy Employee Picture

From my first day at Chrysalis to now, it’s been a whirlwind of lessons and unwavering team support. Every day is a fresh adventure. It’s not just a job—it’s where I truly belong.

Farheen Khanam

Design and Development Specialist
Happy Employee Picture

In all my years of experience, I have not seen another organization like Chrysalis, which always enables its people to be the best and give their best. The fifteen-plus years I have worked here have been just amazing!

Eric Trott

Head – BI & Administration
Happy Alumni Picture

Beyond my modest expectations for the impact Chrysalis would have on my life, upon entering, I was embraced by a community of like-minded, trusting individuals who accepted me as I am wholeheartedly. The bonds forged there became lifelong friendships, making Chrysalis an extended family to me.

Sunil Sanjay Kumta

Resource Management Specialist (Alumni)
Happy Facilitator Picture

My experience at Chrysalis has been exciting and fulfilling. Amidst all the challenging assignments across various business domains, there is always support and love from the Chrysalis Team to enable “Results Based Learning”. The human touch and the opportunity to engage with the financial sector are the highlights of my tenure with Chrysalis.

Swapnesh Sebastian

Happy Alumni Picture

Chrysalis is an organization I have a deep-rooted relationship with. I respect their unique work and their industry reputation. Chrysalis’ forward-thinking culture motivates me to deliver my best. Being part of a team that drives human capability development and business results is a positive experience.

Shilpee Singh

Solutioning and Design Specialist
Happy Alumni Picture

Chrysalis exemplifies excellence, fostering a culture of innovation. Associating with Chrysalis was a beacon of professionalism and camaraderie. Its commitment to fostering talent and a positive work environment made it an exceptional place for me to grow both personally and professionally.

Salik Anwar

SharePoint Administrator (Alumni)
Happy Facilitator Picture

The brain racking TTTs, rich conversations during Teach backs, highly motivated cohort of young and brilliant facilitators ready to create an impact, Sheila’s unforgettable high voltage, super-engaged, classroom sessions and much more makes Chrysalis what it is.
The bond is deeper than ever before. Staying frugal and yet relevant, being my greatest lesson.

Anindita Gonsalves

Happy Content Designer Picture

Chrysalis encourages us to strive for excellence, by entrusting work and giving the freedom and encouragement to complete the same with matchless quality. The Excellence achieved here is a sense of accomplishment.

Jayaraman V

Content Writer
Happy Employee Picture

Working with Chrysalis HRD has been a truly wonderful experience. The supportive environment, collaborative and learning culture, and meaningful projects have not only enriched my professional growth but also fostered lasting connections with inspiring colleagues

Nayan Prakash

Finance Specialist
Happy Alumni Picture

If one can resonate with the 5 values of Chrysalis, then this is the platform with immense potential to growth and success. I had great deal of learning from Chrysalis, and I can proudly say I am still implementing those learnings.

Rachyeta Dhar

Design and Development Specialist (Alumni)
Happy Alumni Picture

What I love about Chrysalis is its vibrant culture, collaborative environment, and commitment to innovation in learning. The supportive team, challenging projects, and opportunities for professional growth created a fulfilling workplace where I could contribute meaningfully to our shared success.

Neetu Rana

Design and Development Specialist (Alumni)
Happy Content Designer Picture

Chrysalis has been key in molding me as a professional. The exposure has been fantastic. The journey has been exciting at every level, whether it is facilitation or designing, it has been adventurous and full of learning!

Meghna Das Sharma

Facilitator and Content Writer
Happy Employee Picture

Thirteen years ago, I joined Chrysalis with enthusiasm and passion. It became more than just a job; it felt like a family working towards a shared goal. I am grateful for the lessons and sense of belonging.

Rajat Kumar Prajapati

Digital Development Specialist
Happy Facilitator Picture

My 6 years of journey as a learning partner with Chrysalis has been phenomenal. With regular guidance and mentoring from my seniors I have grown as a professional. Chrysalis’ culture of transparency and meritocracy,  not only recognises and values talent but also provides ample growth opportunities.

Neha Lonari

Happy Facilitator Picture

During my 8 years at Chrysalis, I’ve thrived in a culture of passion, commitment to impactful results, strong ethical compass, and camaraderie. The adaptive technology, systems, and engaging facilitators set industry standards. Chrysalis’ perceptive leadership contributed to my career trajectory.

Vikita Jain

Happy Facilitator Picture

Chrysalis demonstrates remarkable leadership and an unwavering commitment to quality. Their performance-oriented guidance and supportive teams create a dynamic, collaborative, and learning-driven culture. The Teams thrive with the freedom and encouragement to innovate, leading to outstanding results. This is a truly inspiring place to grow and achieve remarkable success.

Kunal Dixit

Happy Facilitator Picture

Collaborating with Chrysalis has been a game-changer in my consulting journey. Their relentless focus on standardization and quality control ensures every intervention delivers measurable outcomes. Working with Chrysalis guarantees excellence, professionalism, and transformative impact for all their interventions have helped me be more rigorous in my craft.

Bharti Maru

Happy Employee Picture

Over 17 years of experience at Chrysalis has been highly rewarding, with a vibrant culture, emphasis on innovation, growth opportunities, and meaningful impact. Chrysalis encourages innovative thinking and experimentation, making it a stimulating and rewarding work environment.

Kailash G Dhadve

Administration Specialist
Happy Employee Picture

My experience in Chrysalis is exceptional, characterized by a collaborative team, supportive leadership, and ample growth opportunities. The innovative projects and a positive work environment fostered professional development and personal satisfaction, making it an enriching and fulfilling journey.

Rahul Singh

Digital Development Specialist

Are we right for each other?

If you feel a resonance in what you read and what you want in your career, you must apply to us.

Once you have applied to us and your skills sets matches our immediate requirement, we will start the interviewing process. The interviewing process at Chrysalis is a multilayered one. The reason for this is because we want you to be the right fit for us and we want to be the right fit for you, aligning to the same value system. We have come to realize that the foundation for a long and mutually beneficial relationship is in making the right decision and then sticking with that decision. We therefore take our time to identify the right people who we believe will thrive in Chrysalis.

Once we agree to work together, we meet up with the important people in your life and invite them to grill us about our working style and beliefs – for Chrysalis believes in work life balance and that professional success needs support from people in our personal lives.