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We, at Chrysalis, have been driving Results Based Learning™ for the last 3 decades. In an attempt to share our experiences, insights and the best practices that we have gleaned over this time, we would like to present ‘The Ripple Effect’. This blog will be a sharing of the ethos, philosophy, practice, results of all the work that we have done over the past nearly three decades in driving results for our clients. We look forward to your comments, views, your contribution and learning from you.

Technology-Based Learning is here to stay – Beware of Doing it Wrong.

The world was seemingly going perfectly well and then COVID hit us. Nothing had prepared us for the impact of a microscopic virus which brought our entire world to a stand-still. Governments were caught unawares, and countries are still in Lockdown. Organisations struggled to wade through the debris of their existing processes and recreate themselves in the shortest time possible to continue operations.

Posted on 1st February 2021 by Sheila Vasan Singla


The Vaccine is coming … the vaccine is coming!!

I had a couple of conversations recently – the first one was when I was speaking with my executive assistant who is on a sabbatical and is playing primary caregiver to her old parents-in-law. She is someone who has been with me for the longest time and I was missing having her to work with. […]

Posted on 9th December 2020 by Sheila Vasan Singla


If you are a leader – It’s time for your Psych Eval!!

Leaders are supposed to be right and strong and resilient and … perfect. But what if they are not!!! The other day, I was speaking to a professional acquaintance and I was taken aback to see the kind of pressure she was under. I asked her how she had been, and I saw that she […]

Posted on 21st August 2019 by Sheila Vasan Singla


The Short Road to Excellence

The other day I was walking along an insignificant road and looking at all the insignificant things I would not generally look at. I stopped and took my own sweet time to look at the deep-brown barks of trees, the bright-green leaves on the branches and the countless shapes of the clouds above. Then something […]

Posted on 1st March 2019 by Sheila Vasan Singla