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We, at Chrysalis, have been driving Results Based Learning™ for the last 3 decades. In an attempt to share our experiences, insights and the best practices that we have gleaned over this time, we would like to present ‘The Ripple Effect’. This blog will be a sharing of the ethos, philosophy, practice, results of all the work that we have done over the past nearly three decades in driving results for our clients. We look forward to your comments, views, your contribution and learning from you.

Reimagining the Learning Function – Assessing the Reality

The last time I wrote about this topic – I wrote about how the first step to reimagining learning was to scan the environment. When you work towards reimagining learning in your organisation, it makes imminent sense to create a blueprint for the next-generation learning approach that delivers tangible strategic outcomes. As I have mentioned before, building capabilities to take on a world like never before, helping people pivot to roles that may not even exist today, creating agile, fluid, restorative learning within organisations while staying focussed on making it more robust from a business perspective will become the mainstay of all people professionals.

Posted on 12th February 2024 by Sheila Vasan Singla


Easing Into a New Team- A Lesson from the Daughter-In-Law

Learning to Find a Place in A New Team. Today is the first anniversary of when our daughter-in-law stepped into our home. Becoming a part of a new family is perhaps the most daunting thing ever. It was like becoming a part of a new team and knowing that there were very few options to leave the team. My daughter-in-law was someone I had known for over 4 years before my son very wisely married her. But seeing her ease into a new house, adding to an existing home, and fostering new relationships showed me sides to her that I cannot but admire. Watching her helped me glean insights on what accelerates absorption of a new team member into an existing team.

Posted on 14th December 2023 by Sheila Vasan Singla


Reimagining Learning in Organizations of Tomorrow – Scanning the Environment

The world of tomorrow is a theme that has been constantly coming up in all my significant conversations with clients and leaders. There are mega trends and micro trends that are sweeping through our world. What took Netflix years in terms of users – took Chat GPT days. We're not teetering on the brink of the future; we're already living in it.

Posted on 9th October 2023 by Sheila Vasan Singla


Self-Paced Learning – A Win-Win Proposition!

It is said that ‘Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied’. While teaching is knowledge based, training is skill based. When employees working in an organisation are trained, they are already skilled in the work they do, which is further honed by the training provided to them.  Time was when any kind of learning or skill development […]

Posted on 4th August 2023 by Sheila Vasan Singla