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Impacting Organizations through Technology-Based Learning.

In the coming years, the scope of change in human capital management will surpass anything we have seen before. The primary difference is that experience is largely a digital one. The use of technology has made it possible to develop skills as well as facilitate and accelerate them. Technology-based learning at Chrysalis helps us focus more on participants than on processes. The Chrysalis difference is felt in the synergy that occurs when our bespoke learning solutions blend with effective digital tools.

With the world heading towards digitization, dealing with the challenges of managing a geographically distributed workforce and an increasing need for environmental sustainability, Chrysalis can help you balance between classroom learning and effective virtual learning curricula.

We are backed by myriad digital methodologies that are both engaging and cutting-edge. Our choice of technology platform to be deployed, stems from the learning objectives and measurable improvement that we are aiming for. With our High-Touch/High-Tech expertise, we can help you develop and digitally implement your organization’s learning plans, to provide an enhanced level of learning consistency across your organization.

How Chrysalis Digitally Drives Behaviour Change.

Transition of Learning Space

Chrysalis can provide on-demand learning in an always-on world. We have been able to shift learning from the flow of work to actual work – be it in creating a comprehensive employee onboarding experience, developing professional enhancement or driving performance improvement. The learning is not in isolation, but social, engaging and competitive as well through learning credits, learning emotion-meters and leaderboards.


Learning at the Point of Performance

Consumption of technology-based learning is not enough to create impact. Our technology-based byte-sized learning helps participants learn closer to the point of performance. We derive measurements in performance improvement upfront and then design our digital content that enables skill development on the job. We help participants know the time they spend on learning is valuable to their work and their organization.


Top-Down Culture of Continuous Learning

Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) engages with leaders to show them what their people are learning. The insightful business analytics we provide highlight the touchpoints where their observation and support is needed. Our LXP allows leaders to participate and promote new learning opportunities which may be in the form of interventions, coaching, virtual classrooms and integrated learning with other organizational capsules.


Making Learning Personal

Chrysalis can provide learning experiences based on a participant’s learning persona. This allows them to access learning in a venue and time-frame that best suits them. When participants are able to understand the connection between themselves, the learning and the business, they are more engaged and positioned for success. At Chrysalis, we curate the best fit content for personalized learning experiences through the help of our Digital Learning Advisors who can expertly curate content recommendations.


Integration and Scalability

Businesses have become more dispersed and virtual while also needing to be more inclusive and collaborative. Chrysalis can help you create communication structures across the organization to create a sustainable and scalable learning culture. Our LXP allows for integration with other organizational platforms to create the connection between learning, career growth and employee engagement.


Meet Our Learning Experience Platform

Powered with an engaging set of learner-centric tools, our all-in-one Learning Experience Platform provides designers, facilitators and learners with a single robust platform to create and experience custom learning journeys.

Meet our E-Learning App

With GLYDE, the power lies in the learner’s hand. Our e-learning app offers self-paced learning for organizations who want to GLYDE into a better tomorrow. The app is interactive, accessible, customizable, and is powered by Results Based Learning.