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Chrysalis Leadership Imperatives Framework

For nearly three decades, Chrysalis has been enabling cutting-edge leadership development work within organisations. Developing leaders is not just a human resource function. It has to be aligned with, and driven by business strategy. The growth and future of any organisation depends largely on the quality of leadership that works within it. The tentativeness, unpredictability and unforgiving nature of business today demands more and more from leaders. The question each organisation needs to ask is, “Can we measure the efficacy of the leadership pipeline within our organisation to meet the challenges of the future?”

All our work around leadership development is based on the 6 focus areas that form the Leadership Imperative. Everything leaders do arises from one of these dimensions. To make these dimensions come to life and to fulfill strategic outcomes, Chrysalis works to drive measurable change in the leadership imperatives for individual and organisational success.

Leadership Imperative
The ethos and philosophy of leadership development is built on two pillars:​


Where Chrysalis works in partnership with client organisations to examine medium to long-range business plans, assess current organisational leadership capability, devise accelerated learning maps for high potential leaders, create an immersive learning architecture to develop holistic leaders and measure against medium and long-term strategic outcomes.

Considerations for Leadership Capability Development

Leadership capability development brings business goals and strategy and performance to life.

When developing leadership capability in your organisation, think about:
  • What are the leadership capabilities needed to meet this year’s AOP while realizing the long-term vision and strategic goals?​
  • Are your leaders geared to take on tomorrow’s challenges?​
  • Are your leaders agile enough to manage change and transformation? ​
  • Are your leaders ‘swamped by’ disruption or ‘leading’ disruption?
  • Are your leaders aware of their Leadership Capability Quotient?


Where Chrysalis brings about a measurable increase in specific leadership competencies through bespoke learning interventions. The leadership competency enhancement interventions help build competency at an individual level and therefore, dovetails into leadership capability development.

Considerations for Leadership Capability Development

Chrysalis works with organisations to identify competency gaps within leaders in relation to their roles. Leadership competency enhancement happens across both current roles and expected future roles. We work with your leaders at all levels to bring about a measurable change in leadership competencies.

When developing leadership competencies in your organisation, think about:
  • What are the leadership competencies needed across various career levels for critical roles?​
  • Are your leaders aware of their strengths and weaknesses?
  • Are your leaders open to accepting current gaps and work towards developing themselves?​
  • Which competencies are rewarded in the organization/function/department?​
  • Is there a Critical Leadership Competencies Assessment framework?

Chrysalis understands that real confidence is inspired from the active demonstration of both leadership capability of an organisation alongside leadership competence of individual leaders. The learning journeys for leaders incorporate both of these significant elements to drive organisational leadership and create exemplary individual leaders across levels.

Leadership Pipeline Development

Personal Leadership

Personal leadership seeks to inspire Individuals to ignite their journey of leadership development in alignment with their life goals. This enables them to move towards their goals with clarity and resilience through critical and challenging transitions.

First-Time Leadership

Getting first-time leaders up to speed is so much more than a training program. At Chrysalis, we work at building sustainable capability for first-time leaders in an engaging, experiential, scalable and measurable way.​

Line Leadership​

Line leadership is not just about driving productivity and business results. It is also the stepping stone to senior levels of leadership. At Chrysalis, we work with line leaders to help them manage deliverables in a dynamic environment while also focusing on their people.​

Functional Leadership​

A functional leader needs to exhibit certain leadership behaviours that can increase organisational effectiveness through outstanding results at a functional level. Chrysalis can help leaders drive significant functional results in their role.

People Leadership​

People Management is crucial to the development of the function and business unit as well as the organisation. How you manage yourself and your People Managers reflects on how they manage their teams. Chrysalis helps People Managers build their skills to create powerfully motivated managers and teams.

Business Leadership​

In any organisation, leaders are the role models who can inspire superior business results. Chrysalis works with business leaders to create measurable impact at business unit level.

What Chrysalis Can do

Leadership is about planning the future. It’s about owning the narrative, driving disruption and inspiring people to adapt to cultural changes, with a focus on a results-based organisational vision. It involves developing an inclusive and diverse leadership team and ethos to balance the leadership fulcrum through a holistic approach to various businesses.


Assess current state of
leadership capability​
Diagnose Leadership pipeline
development needs​​
Define capability to
drive future leaders​
Assess against
future capabilities​
Develop capabilities​
Deploy leadership development
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