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Leveraging your organisation's culture to enable exponential business results

How is your organisation’s culture defined? What are the collective values, beliefs and principles embedded in your organisation? What is your organisation’s work ethos and how does it interact with your organisation’s vision, people, norms, processes, technology and environment?

How can Chrysalis help your organisation leverage it’s culture and strengthen it towards superior business results?​

We apply the Chrysalis Culture Code to help organisations kick start and leverage their cultural strengths and direct it towards intended goals and business outcomes.

The Talent, Architecture, Work Ethos and Leaders are the building blocks of any organisation's culture. The nuances behind how each of these blocks work alone and together determine four outcomes which gear up every organisation to deliver outstanding results.

The four cornerstones of driving organisational culture are Formal Agreement, Systems and Processes, Rewards & Recognition and Role Models & Legends.

Formal Agreement

We works with organisations to conduct talent alignment assessments. This, alongside architecture blueprinting of the organisational architecture helps us establish the formal agreement quotient.

System & Processes

Within organisations we evaluate the hard coded elements of organisational design and work structures while recognizing the softer un-coded elements of the work ethos to arrive at a Systems & Processes health check.

Rewards and Recognition

An assessment to determine the approach towards rewards and recognition within the organisation is done by looking for congruence between work ethos and the way leaders engage with their teams.

Role Models & Legends

By deploying the Chrysalis Legendisation framework we work with leaders and key talent to drive inspirational role modelling and legends.