Performance Improvement Program | Chrysalis

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Creating a measurable improvement in “critical to business” areas.

Performance Optimisation is no longer a valid method in today’s time. Organisations are pushed to constantly raise the bar, to deliver higher and higher levels of performance and productivity. Chrysalis works with clients to drive measurable improvement in performance. We believe that “If it can be measured, it can be improved”. Our Performance Improvement practice has worked to drive higher performances across business operations like customer service, sales per employee, increased productivity, team health and consulting outcomes for multiple clients. We have also worked with Human Resource teams to deepen employee engagement and increase their retention rates. Our work in this area is derived from our examination of the entire work chain. This helps us identify the business reality in which the problem exists. Our knowledge of drivers of, and drags on performance, combined with the environment, technology and existing processes help us create bespoke solutions that guarantee improvement.

Our Performance Improvement practices are based on the framework given below.


Immersing in the Organisation

Evaluating the Work Chain

Evaluating the MIS

Assimilating Business Realities


Defining Impact Strategy

Creating Learning Components

Infusing Augmentative Technology

Checking Business Congruence


Establishing Learning Partnerships

Deploying Learning Components

Personalizing Improvement Strategies

Supporting Performance Improvement


Generating Dashboards

Establishing Performance Improvement

Sustaining through Internalisation

Re-establishing Baseline