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Measuring the value of learning.

There’s the exciting part of learning, and then there’s the drudgery. Statistics show that we spend 80% of our time on drudgery – the non-important and non-urgent things. How many man-hours are spent by your organisation in trying to manage learning? Does that leave time for you to do creative and proactive work in the area of Learning & Development? How much are you spending on learning operations? Do your current delivery methods meet the needs of your customers? Are you taking full advantage of technology? How should you be measuring the value of learning? How do your processes and costs compare with others?

Offload your headache to us with us taking care of your learning processes. This will free you up to the do the exciting things – like engaging with business, earning a seat at the table, and making learning a competitive advantage for your organisation.

With learning becoming more and more digital, we can help you convert your classroom content into effective online learning curricula. We can help you develop and implement your learning plans to provide an enhanced level of learning consistency across your organisation.

Learning Administration

Would you like us to handle the most tedious part of your learning and development function and make it easy for you?


Learning Analytics

Would you like to make sense of your learning and development numbers and use them to build MIS and cull out intelligence that will drive learning strategy within your organisation?


Content Development

Would you like us to help you convert all your content in PowerPoint and standard operating procedures into learning interventions to be used both in classrooms and electronically?


Technology based Learning

Are you future-ready for the workplace of tomorrow by making your learning accessible and available to the learner as and when needed?